How to Stop Smoking using Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum

Say No To Smoking With Nicorette Freshmint 2mg Chewing Gum

Want to quit smoking, fast? We all know how daunting this can be, especially if smoking is a habit that you’ve maintained throughout the years. While there is a huge selection of products available on the market that are designed to help you quit smoking, it goes without saying that not every product works effectively. You might be feeling disillusioned after having tried a number of different products, only to realise they aren’t helping you kick the habit. Despite the setbacks, we think we might have found the perfect solution for those trying to quit smoking.

After years of research and customer feedback, Nicorette have worked their way up in becoming the number one smoking cessation product available in the UK market - as well as international markets - today. Their dedication to researching the science behind nicotine addiction and how to reduce it has led to a range of developments within the products available today. One of the most successful products that many customers have managed to quit smoking with is (1 Pack) Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, 2 mg, 210 Pieces (Stop Smoking Aid).

Nicorette Freshmint Chewing Gum 210pieces, 2mg

How does Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum Work?

(1 Pack) Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, 2 mg, 210 Pieces (Stop Smoking Aid) has been developed carefully over the years by the leading smoking cessation company available on the market. Due to their expertise in helping customers quit smoking for good, they have formulated the perfect product that will help you cut down on your smoking habits – and eventually quit.

Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum releases nicotine into your system as you chew on the gum, which reduces your craving for cigarettes. Nicorette products are a much safer and healthier option than cigarettes, as their products do not include all the nasty by-products related to tobacco. Smoking cigarettes, as we all know, can lead to a number of irreversible health complications. That’s why Nicorette are entirely dedicated to helping smokers quit in a healthy manner.

Their Fresh Mint Chewing Gum is therefore sugar-free, meaning it won’t have as much of a negative impact on your teeth and gum health. The refreshing taste is soothing and helps reduce the unpleasant smells associated with smoking. Also available in a range of other flavours, you can select the exact strength and flavour of Nicorette Chewing Gum that works for you and your own tastes!

How do I use Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum?

In order to quit smoking once and for all, you will find more success in using a Nicorette product. This is because the product reduces the nicotine cravings associated with quitting smoking, without the need to smoke an actual cigarette. Over time, the desire to smoke will subside as you become used to using the Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum instead. Once you have stopped smoking altogether, you can gradually work on reducing the number of times you use the Nicorette gum each day. Once you have achieved this, you’ll find you won’t even crave the Nicorette gum, as you will have slowly reduced your nicotine intake – without experiencing all the negative side effects.

As you may find it easier to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, it’s best not to jump straight in to quitting altogether. For example, if you really crave a cigarette as part of your daily routine, smoke a cigarette. Then the next time you experience cravings, swap out this cigarette for Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum instead.

You should chew on one piece of Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum every time you experience nicotine cravings, or the related unpleasant side effects. These side effects include hunger, anxiety, irritability and reduced concentration levels. Due to the nicotine present within the chewing gum, using it whenever you feel a craving will reduce the negative effects. The 2mg Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum includes 2mg of nicotine, and it is therefore suitable for use by those who smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day.

You shouldn’t use more than 15 pieces of Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum per day. If you find that the 2mg product is not enough to help satisfy your cravings, you could consider trying out the 4mg option of Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, which will release more nicotine into the system as you chew. The 4mg option is designed to suit those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes each day, however again, you should not take more than 15 pieces in any 24-hour period.

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What Else Can I do to Quit Smoking Effectively?

The key to quitting smoking successfully involves gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke. While some may find success in quitting smoking abruptly, the majority of people need to find time to adjust and let their habit gradually fade. If you stop smoking quickly and without the use of products such as (1 Pack) Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, 2 mg, 210 Pieces (Stop Smoking Aid), you will find that cravings may become intense, causing you to revert back to smoking and reach for the cigarette packet once more… If you are looking to truly kick the habit and quit smoking, your best option is to start off with (1 Pack) Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, 2 mg, 210 Pieces (Stop Smoking Aid).

While you can’t entirely rely on the product alone to help you quit, Nicorette’s Fresh Mint Chewing Gum has been proven to facilitate the successful cessation of smoking. You will need some willpower in order to let the product work, as unfortunately we have not yet developed a magical cure for quitting smoking! However, as Nicorette’s Fresh Mint Chewing Gum releases nicotine into your system without smoking unhealthy cigarettes, you will become more adjusted to leading a healthier life without the need to smoke

The majority of Nicorette customers find great success in using Nicorette Fresh Mint Gum to stop smoking. Alongside using the product, there are a number of ways that you can help fight cravings yourself. Nicotine addiction can be an extremely difficult habit to quit, so there is a great deal of online resources available that you can utilise.

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Finding the Willpower to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking involves letting go of your daily routine, no matter how many years it has been ingrained within your mind. This is exceptionally tricky for some, and for many people it helps to find a motivating reason that will help you quit smoking. Adapting other areas of your lifestyle in order to suit this new healthier change, such as staying active, eating healthily and allowing yourself to unwind, can also distract you from your unhealthy smoking habits.

Ultimately, no matter which mental techniques or tips you follow in order to help you quit smoking, we think that Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum can give you that extra boost. It adds the physical act of chewing to your routine, reducing the cravings associated with needing to do something in order to distract yourself from smoking. Alongside this, the product actually releases small amounts of nicotine into your system, which work perfectly in actively combatting cravings and significantly reducing the negative side effects we listed earlier. Ready to make the next step and quit smoking altogether?

(1 Pack) Nicorette Fresh Mint Chewing Gum, 2 mg, 210 Pieces (Stop Smoking Aid) is the perfect solution! Try it today, and we promise you won’t look back. In fact, you’ll wonder why you never tried it earlier.