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Caffeine Patch

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Do you think a double dose of espresso is the key to snap you out of your morning blues? Trying to figure out how to replace your daily cup of coffee? Need the jolt to power through?

The answer is in the 100% Natural Vie Caffeine Patch. Just stick it on your arm or your thigh and at least 95% active ingredients without the calories will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream bypassing the stomach. So giving you the natural lift in energy, no more mood swings and no coffee stained teeth. Each patch contains 75mg of caffeine enough to encircle one's caffeine addiction.

Ingredients: Caffeine Anhydros USP 100% - 75mg

Direction of Use: Apply patch to clean, dry, hairless area of the skin.
After 24 hours, replace the patch with a new one.
Apply the new patch to a different area of the skin.
For Easy removal - wet patch and peel off carefully