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Recovery Patch

Recovery Patch

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Vie Recovery Patch Formulated with essential herbs, vitamin & Minerals that will naturally help your body break down alcohol. The Vie patch uses Trans-Dermal technology to deliver the active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin. Ingredients: Vitamin C-12mg Green Tea Extract- 7mg Globe Artichoke Extract- 7mg Thiamine - 5mg Taurine - 3mg Methylsulfonylmethane - 3mg Chromium Picolinate - 20mg Direction of use: Apply the Vie patch to a clean dry and hairless area of your skin before your first drink. Keep the patch on for 24 hours to enjoy benefits. For easy removal -wet patch and peel off. DISCLAIMER: The Recovery Vie patch intended for adult use only. The patch will not prevent intoxication. Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. The Vie patch should not be used if pregnant or nursing. Anyone taking medication should consult a doctor, prior to using the Via patch. The Via patch is not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure disease.
  • Drinking Companion In A Patch
  • Safe & Effective, No Side Effects Keep Patch On For 24 hrs to Enjoy The Benefits
  • 6  Patches Packed With Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • For Easy Removal - wet patch and peel off.
  • Apply the Vie Patch to a clean dry & hairless area of your skin before your first drink.